Residential Awning and Solar Shades in San Diego, CA

There are so many options for residential awnings, it can be difficult to decide on the perfect one. Your retractable awning can be motorized or manually controlled, or you could choose to install a shade sail or solar shade instead. With our 30 years of experience, the awning experts at Moran Canvas Products are here to help you navigate the best shade solution for your San Diego, CA home. Below we’ve answered some of our most frequently asked questions about residential awnings and our services.  

Why Should I Add an Awning to My Home?

Awnings and shade sails make excellent additions to your home that contribute both value and function. Besides enhancing the style of your outdoor space, installing an awning has several benefits. Temperature control is a popular reason for retractable awnings. Shaded spaces are usually 15 degrees cooler than those in the sun, offering you an escape from the San Diego, CA heat. Plus, our awnings offer protection from UV rays that cause cancer after excessive exposure. With one of Moran Canvas Products awnings or sun sails, your skin and your possessions will be protected from damaging UV rays.  

What Are the Benefits of a Retractable Awning?

Our retractable awnings are perfect for many homeowners. With our innovative technology, you can choose how much shade you’d like at any given time. You won’t have to worry about UV damage or sunburn when you invest in the best retractable awnings. Our products last for years and will keep you and your family out of the San Diego, CA heat. We offer motorized retractable awnings and options that use manual controls. Whichever best matches your preferences, Moran Canvas Products has a shade solution to satisfy your needs.

Why Are Solar Shades Useful?

The solar shades we offer at Moran Canvas Products can benefit you and your family in several ways. Our solar shades are designed to block heat and reduce glare in your home. You’ll no longer have to worry about sun damage to your furniture or your skin. Plus, they’re an energy efficient solution to keeping cool in scorching summers. You’ll stay cool and spend less on utility bills. Solar shades are also useful for privacy. You can choose a level of transparency for your solar shade that allows you the privacy you need while still keeping an outside view.

When Are Shade Sails the Best Choice?

Shade sails are perfect for homeowners who want the shade and UV protection of a traditional awning combined with more diverse design options. The residential awning experts at Moran Canvas Products can install a shade sail almost anywhere you want. Whether you want shade over your grilling station or a pool shade sail, we can get the job done. As a bonus, shade sails can be installed in more places than just along your roof and over your patio. You can have shade anywhere with one of our custom shade sails.

Do You Do Custom Designs?

At Moran Canvas Products, we’re dedicated to giving you exactly the awning you envision. That’s why we’re always happy to custom design your awning. Our experts will take your design ideas and make them a reality. We’ll custom fit your space with whatever shade structure you prefer. Whether you like the function of a motorized retractable awning or are thinking about a custom shade sail, Moran Canvas Products has a solution for you.

How Do I Maintain My Awning?

Maintenance for your sun canopies, shade sails, and other awnings is incredibly easy. Our products are designed to withstand all the weather elements you might experience in San Diego, CA. Your awning will stand up to rain, sun, and even snow. All of our products need only occasional cleaning to maintain. You can clean your custom awning with only a garden hose. With Moran Canvas Products, maintenance is never a hassle.

How Much Does a Residential Awning Cost?

Our stylish residential awnings vary in price from client to client. However, at Moran Canvas Products, we understand that most people don’t have a great deal of money saved up to purchase an awning. We strive to offer you a high-quality product that won’t have you going over budget. When you order from Moran Canvas Products, you won’t have to compromise quality to stay within your budget. For an idea of how much your project could cost, contact us for a quote today.

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