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If you live in San Diego, CA, you know how warm the summer months can get. With the advent of the summer season, increased daylight hours and, unfortunately, increased UV damage to your skin and belongings is possible. While sunblock can protect you from excessive sun exposure, nothing will protect your indoor and outdoor furniture better than quality awnings and shades from Moran Canvas Products. We offer affordable, stylish, and effective fixed awnings, retractable awnings, and patio covers that can not only protect your patio furniture but offer increased shade and UV protection to your nearby indoor furnishings as well. Our awnings can keep your outdoor areas cooler by nearly 15 degrees and, with our signature canvas materials, can easily protect your skin from UV damage and sunburns. Keep all your furnishings looking their best with quality residential awnings and solar shades from Moran Canvas Products.

Effective climate control

While a breeze off San Diego’s bay might cool your outdoor spaces for a moment or two, effective long-term outdoor climate control is best achieved with fixed awnings from Moran Canvas Products. Our awnings and patio covers can be custom-fabricated to fit outdoor areas of any size, and we use only the finest canvas materials and mounting brackets to ensure your awning will be durable for years to come. Whether you want to enjoy some quiet time, do some gardening, or have a barbecue with friends in your backyard, our awnings, patio covers, and shade sails are a stylish and effective way of keeping the temperature down and ensuring the comfort of your guests. Our rates are competitive, and we’ll ensure you’re more than satisfied with the final results. Contact us now to find out how we can best serve you.

Enhanced outdoor design

Nothing is quite so sophisticated as stylish awnings and shades, and you won’t find a finer selection of patio covers and awnings than at Moran Canvas Products. We specialize in creating unique and colorful awnings, patio covers, shade sails, and cabanas that are durable for years of use and offer unparalleled sun and UV protection. All our products are custom-crafted to fit your unique needs and specifications and heat bonded to resist splitting, cracking, and fading. We’ve built a reputation in San Diego, CA, for quality awnings and canvas cover solutions, and we’ll strive to exceed your expectations.

Affordable awnings and shades

Providing effective sun and heat relief for your patio or outdoor area doesn’t have to break the bank. We offer a huge selection of quality crafted awnings, patio covers, cabanas, and exterior or interior solar shades that are priced affordably and come with a rock-solid warranty. We’ve served countless homeowners in San Diego County, and we have over 30 years of experience crafting stylish canvas products that will improve your climate control and your home’s curbside appeal. Give your family and your guests effective UV and sun protection while offering eye-catching aesthetics to your home by contacting us today.

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