Specially Built Patio Covers in San Diego, CA

Have you been looking into getting patio covers in San Diego, CA? Moran Canvas can help. Why should your living room stop at your door when it could extend into the great outdoors? Enjoy the beautiful San Diego weather while being protected from the sun with a specially built patio cover that’s perfectly designed for your home and outdoor space. Moran Canvas specializes in planning, creating, building, and installing custom patio covers that are sure to add value to your greatest asset: your home. We take pride in our work and custom builds, and we hope our shining reputation, proven track record of incredible builds and custom work, creativity, and innovation-driven solutions will show you why Moran Canvas is unmatched when it comes to reinvigorating your outdoor space. We’re confident you’ll be able to see the Moran Canvas difference when you choose to use our high-quality services.

What are patio covers?

Patio covers are structures built to protect and shade your patio. They’re also a great way to extend your living space into your back or side yard. At its core, a patio cover is exactly what the name suggests, but it doesn’t have to be just that. We specially design our patio covers to work with your home and accentuate the architectural features your home has. We carefully craft and design each patio covering, so it’s versatile, functional, and beautiful. 

What are the different types of patio covers?

There are several different types of patio covers. Before you decide which one is right for you, you should assess why you want one in the first place. Is it just to block the sun? Or do you also want it to be stylish? How long do you want your patio cover to last? Do you want something larger or on the smaller side? Does the material matter to you, or does the material it’s made of need to coordinate with the material your home is made of? What is your patio’s primary function and what do you hope to get out of having a patio cover? Below are some options of the types of patio covers out there today.

  • Triangular sails are a great way to add simplicity, shape, form, and a minimalist look to your patio. It will protect you and your furniture from the sun while looking sophisticated.
  • Rectangular coverings cover more space. The rectangular shapes can also be moved and transformed to create a diamond to add a little flair.
  • Semi-circle covers are great for shading above your doorway and add a chic element to any entryway
  • You can also add a solid structural element to your patio cover to create a free-standing area or make your patio covering more durable.

How do I clean my patio covers? 

To clean your patio covers, you should periodically brush debris and dirt that accumulates on them and spot clean when necessary. For a deeper clean, use cold or lukewarm water with a mild soap or detergent. Completely rinse the soap off your patio coverings to avoid soap residue. Let your patio covers air dry; never machine dry them. 

What are the benefits of patio covers? 

Your patio cover will extend your living space; create a great outdoor area for dinners, parties, and other activities; and protect you, your furniture, and your family from the sun and weather. 

While we specialize in patio covers, Moran Canvas also offers cabanas, solar shades, and outdoor curtains. Let us show you what the Moran Canvas difference looks like. 

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Patio Covers in San Diego, CA
Patio Covers in San Diego, CA

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