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Retractable awnings offer many advantages over traditional awning installations. With our signature retractable technology, you can have as much sun or shade as you’d like at the push of a button. With our low-profile framework, your guests will enjoy the comfort and stylish look of your awnings without the framework distracting them, and we offer awning controllers that are both manual and automatic for all your needs. Our awnings are made from the highest grade of canvas and are guaranteed to last for years. We offer a wide variety of awning colors and sizes, and we can custom-craft an awning solution for your patio or outdoor space that fits perfectly and provides outstanding weather and UV protection. Contact us today for more information.

Year-round UV protection

The dangers of UV light exposure from the sun are well documented. Within 30 minutes, your skin can easily suffer from a sunburn, premature aging, and even early stages of skin cancer. Our awning shades not only protect your outdoor furniture from fading and weathering, but they also offer unmatched UV protection for your whole family. Our awnings are made from quality canvas and mounting materials and can lower your patio or outdoor area’s temperature up to 15 degrees. All our canvas products are heat bonded to ensure no ripping, tearing, or warping occurs, even with everyday use. Whether you plan on lounging by the pool or enjoying a family meal in your outdoor areas, don’t risk the health of your family and guests by exposing them to excessive UV light. We can custom-craft a canvas cabana, patio cover, or awning to fit your needs and ensure your safety. Contact us today.

Superior performance and stability

Moran Canvas Products are the gold standard for awnings in today’s marketplace, and we’ve built a reputation for offering unmatched customer service and reliable awning installations. Whether you own a single-family residential home, an apartment complex, or a commercial office building, we can provide you with quality canvas outdoor curtains and shade sails that will keep your occupants comfortable. We purchase the retractable unit and we layout, cut, and sew fabric and install the fabric on the retractable unit. Our installation team is fully licensed, insured, and bonded, and we can schedule a service time that’s most convenient for you. When you need superior performance and stability from your awnings and canvas coverings, there’s no better choice than Moran Canvas Products.

Custom awning solutions

While we’re known for our affordable sunshades throughout San Diego County, we also offer custom awning design and canvas fabrication to meet all your unique needs. Are you in the market for outdoor area shade structures? We’re happy to oblige. We’ll ensure we have the exact measurements and dimensions needed to create a canvas cover that’s stylish, durable and effective. Our prices are competitive and our customer service can’t be beaten. Find out more about our custom awning solutions by contacting us now.

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Retractable Awnings
Retractable Awnings

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