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Are you looking for custom cabanas in San Diego, CA? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Moran Canvas produces only the highest quality canvas cabanas. Redefine your outdoor space with quality and comfort you can depend on. Are you unsatisfied with your backyard currently? Did you just move into a new home, but you think the pool area is lacking? Or maybe you just need a little extra shade during those sunny, summer San Diego days? Pool cabanas are a great choice if you’d like to add a gathering area for dinners and parties, hang out by the pool but still benefit from the shade, create a cozy environment, or add a little extra “wow” factor to your backyard. A custom canvas cabana by Moran Canvas is the perfect way to create the backyard space you’re dreaming of while also protecting your outdoor furniture from weathering and fading. 

What are cabanas?

Cabanas are lightweight structures that are waterproof and often fire retardant. They’re an attractive way to create shade and can be used for a variety of purposes. Cabanas are extremely versatile, giving them the beauty of both form and function. Need a changing area? Cabanas can do that. Want a place to store towels? Cabanas have got you covered. Just want a bit of shade to lounge in on those hot days? Say hello to your new cabana. 

How are pool cabanas built?

Our custom canvas cabanas are built to last. We were one of the first companies to use heat bonding in order to weld together the seams of our products, making our cabanas strong and resilient. We carefully craft each order, so it’s exactly what you want. We’re constantly innovating and using the very latest and greatest in methods and techniques,so you’re happy with the cabana you receive from us. 

What should be in a pool cabana?

You can put anything you want in your pool cabana, but here are a few suggestions:

  • Outdoor furniture like tables, ottomans, or lounge chairs so you can relax in style or serve dinner poolside
  • Storage containers like a chest of drawers for storing towels, pillows, sunscreen, pool toys, and more
  • Flora and foliage that require partial light or shade to thrive,such as many decorative ferns and flowers
  • A minibar for hosting parties and shaking things up a bit
  • A cooler or mini fridge to keep cold drinks and snacks ready and chilled for sunny days out in the backyard
  • Massage tables for a touch of luxe

How do you clean a cabana?

Cleaning your cabana is as simple as it gets. To maintain the quality of your cabana’s fabric, we recommend occasionally brushing off debris or dirt that’s accumulated, hosing it down, cleaning spills right when they happen, and spot cleaning stains if you don’t catch them right away. But what about when you need to deep clean your cabana’s fabric? 

Even if you’re deep cleaning your cabana, you can still leave the fabric on the frame. If your cabana is small enough, you maybe able to throw it in the washer. Do not machine dry your cabana’s fabric. If your cabana is too large to use a washing machine, use a mild soap or detergent and rinse it with cold to lukewarm water. Let your cabana’s canvas air dry, and you’re good to go! 

What are the benefits of having a pool cabana in your backyard?

With a cabana in your backyard, you now have an intimate, fun, relaxing, rejuvenating place to escape to and enjoy every day. Host parties, lounge in style, or simply store all your poolside goods with ease. You can also turn your cabana into an outdoor gym, increase the value of your home, extend your home’s entertainment area, and customize your cabana to fit your style and needs.  

Undoubtedly our cabanas are a great way to spruce up your backyard or pool area. Moran Canvas also offers outdoor curtains, patio covers and awnings, outdoor furniture, roman shades, and solar shades! 

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