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Shade Sails

  • Add a dramatic architectural element to your home or business
  • Great for covering large areas with minimal framework
  • Execellent for playgrounds, patios, lunch courts, and decks

Shade sails can be retrofitted for any location. Large or small, the material can be cut into different shapes to fit the specified area.

A new trend in design is overlapping sails that create the illusion of an outdoor room without actually building an enclosure. Since shade sails are anchored at a few strategic points, they can be installed temporarily or permanently. This means shade sails are ideal for outdoor events that require shade or buildings that want lasting protection. The modular design also cuts costs for manufacturing and installation.

Even though shade sails are ideal for sunnier climates, they can also withstand the elements. In addition to providing UV protection, the sails can be angled to account for water runoff if you live in an area with heavy rainfall. Waterproof perforation technology allows air to pass underneath the sail without letting water collect on top.

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Sun Shade Sails
Sun Shade Sails

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