About Us – How It All Started

Michael Moran, our President, is a third generation awning manufacturer.

Moran Family Portrait
His grandfather owned and operated Missouri Tent & Awning in St, Louis, where Michael was born. The Moran family moved to Jackson, Mississippi in 1958 and Moran Canvas opened its doors shortly thereafter. Michael started working with his father during the summer between the 8th and 9th grades and after high school began working with him fulltime. Michael has learned every facet of the awning trade and on October 11, 1994 earned the distinguished certification of Master Fabric Craftsman.

In 1984 Michael and his family made the decision to move to San Diego. Michael worked at Kettenburg Marine where he managed a canvas shop for Tom Fetter. When Kettenburg closed its doors in 1988, Moran Canvas Products was born! It started as a one-man operation and has grown into one of the largest awning manufacturers in all of southern California.

There was one thing that Michael vowed when he first started his business and it still holds true today:

Quality would win out over price.

Simply stated, there would be no cutting corners in favor of lower prices. Our customers tell us they do not want cheap if it means sacrificing quality.

Since 1988 Moran Canvas has been in business, several awning companies have come and gone. The one thing that they all had in common was low quality and even lower prices. To achieve this they hired minimum wage labor and turned out an inferior product. Unfortunately for the consumer, they found out the hard way that you usually get what you pay for.

Over the years it has been the dedication of our employees to which we owe our success. They strive to make sure our products are second to none. Michael also feels a strong sense of responsibility to all his employees. He believes it to be his duty as an employer to provide employee benefits. Especially with the cost of living in California being what it is.

Finally, we realize that you have several choices when looking for an awning company. We hope that when considering our company, you not only look at the bottom line, but also look at the finished product that we will provide for you. A product with a guarantee as strong as the company itself. Thank-you and may God bless.