Awnings in San Diego

Retractable Awnings:

Residential-Retractable-Awnings Residential-Retractable-Awnings

  • Sun when you want, shade when you need it.
  • Beauty without the visible frame work.
  • Get shade at the touch of a button, or turn of a crank. Retractable awnings
    can be operated manually or by motor.

Fixed Awnings:

  • Enhance architectural design through endless selections of shapes, sizes & color choices.
  • Cool the temperature of your home or business.
  • Save money on cooling costs and help reduce the statewide demand for electricity.
  • Be noticed. Make your home or business standout from others.
  • Welcome customers to your business with a welcoming entrance awning.

Awnings offer protection from harmful UV rays and nature’s elements.

Awnings shade the interior and protect your furniture from the damaging effects of the sun and cool the temperature of your home possibly up to 15 degrees. Moran Canvas Products, Inc. offers endless beautiful possibilities for enhancing the appearance of your home. Awnings over windows or doors improve your architecture, giving it the character and charm you have been searching for. Add a splash of color or add charisma to your home with a customized awning.